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"I was introduced to Karina Koltai by my voice teacher, and she has been a Godsend!  Her loving, no nonsense approach to health has been a blessing to me and my husband!  I love to sing her praises.  Thank you Karina!"


-Cece Winans

"I have worked with Karina for three years. She always brings her A game. Be sure to tell her that extra nagging problem. It is like putting pieces of a puzzle together. You realize the things that you were blind to. It is raising awareness. It is raising awareness about you to you. Karina is a life enhancer in all ways. Grow in life. Grow your life. Experience more than you ever thought possible. Let Karina love you ... guide you... let her challenge you .... grow in all positive ways."



"Karina is an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable Holistic Coach. She is skilled at finding the root cause of illness and disease as well as helping people heal their gut and much more. She is devoted to helping her clients attain their greatest state of health. In addition to her service to others, Karina's advice has helped me and my family tremendously."


-Kris Honeycutt
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, THM Head Coach

“We first made the acquaintance of Karina Koltai at a local vegan restaurant where she was giving a talk on healing your gut. We found the talk to be most illuminating and it was very interesting the insights she had to offer as well as her receptivity to new knowledge coming from those present at the talk. During that time my husband and I had been reaching our last resorts and determining how to fix an ongoing issue he had within his stomach that was causing him pain and difficulty sleeping. After several visits to the doctor, and various tests including an endoscopy, we found inconclusive results other than he had at one time a severe infection with H. Pylori and a lot of irritation on his stomach lining that wouldn’t heal.


When Karina stepped in he was beginning to feel like he would never be able to feel normal again but through her encouragement and steady guidance, he now sleeps peacefully and without pain. She helped provide healthier approaches to not only eating habits but emotional responses to anger and fear and even helped facilitate changes on a soul level. As embarrassing as this may be to mention, she also acted as a sounding post on some of the dynamics in our relationship that we causing unrest. We explored new ways of relating to one another. Karina is very well versed in her knowledge of supplements and ways in which we have all the nutrition we need available to us through various foods.


She presented us with some interesting facts about ourselves and our body chemistry. In our last session, she helped to guide me past the fear and daunting task of completing my first marathon. We recently became aware of the tendency to pre-diabetes in two of our children. After our experience with Karina, we feel fully confident that she is going to be an excellent resource for them as well. We feel fully blessed to have had the opportunity to receive her loving guidance and support. She has changed our lives for sure. We gained more than a holistic health coach, we now have a friend whom we love and appreciate dearly.”


- Martin & Raven Barrientos

"Before I met Karina, I had been struggling with digestive issues for months. I was seeing an alternative nutritionist who had me on 10-15 supplements a day, and nothing was working. During my first session with Karina, she asked me to cut out some foods that might be hard for me to digest. She also gave me tons of suggestions for foods to add in that would heal my gut and give my body the nutrition it needs. I started seeing a difference within the first week. By week two, it was night and day. I felt great, I had good energy, and my digestion was quickly getting back to normal. Over the weeks, she worked with me by looking over what I had eaten, talking about what worked and didn't work, and giving me great suggestions on incorporating whole foods, fermented foods, and even superfoods. By the end of the six weeks, I had met all the goals I set in our first session. This has really kick started my health, and I know I will continue eating this way. Even my family has changed their diets! Every week they would ask me what Karina suggested. This was a great experience, and I am so grateful for all of Karina's help!"


- Leah Flynn

"I had great expectations with the thought of working with Karina, and she far surpassed all of them. With an amazing knowledge base from working years in this business, she melds her experience fluidly with her deep understanding of the human psyche and her intuition and wisdom gained through living a very deep and expansive healthy life. I feel as though I attained more tools and knowledge that will support me through many health issues as well as giving me some great new foundations, that were quite enlightening. I am so satisfied and happy to have worked with Karina for 7 weeks, and look forward to working with her again! Which I will!"


- Sydney Reichman

"Karina has been a blessing to my healing.  I first attended her Wellness 101 class held at a local Juice Bar.  The class was super informative!  She was attentive to each individuals story, while still leading the conversation to be open for input.  Her calm demeanor and knowledge were the reasons I contacted her for individual consultation.  We talked for over an hour as she took notes of my whole story.  Again, very attentive.  I agreed to meet her again for a Grocery Store Walk Thru two months later, as the new Sprouts store was opening in my area.  Until we could meet again, she was able to suggest several different food choices and supplements for nerve pain and inflammation.  She only suggested the best quality/brands of supplements, so she’s done her homework.  Magically, my nerve pain was gone in a month after taking the supplements, which made life so much better! 


However, I had a setback and emailed her in a desperate back pain situation asking for help.  She responded quickly and with more helpful information.  Keep in mind, I had not paid her a penny!  Before starting the grocery walk-thru, we sat down for an hour long update to my story.  Again taking notes and asking all the right questions to assess my situation.  That conversation followed with a two hour tour of the store, aisle by aisle, label by label.  She was a huge wealth of knowledge.  I even took notes and now have numerous things to try in my quest to become healthier and heal.  I’m looking forward to our future updates.  She is sincere and really exemplifies gratitude! Thank you Karina."


- Tracie Parker

"I started my journey of healing almost one year before I found Karina. After months of searching and looking and researching and trying anything that might help me heal my gut and blood sugar issues (as well as my mental health), I signed up for six weeks with Karina. She was my missing puzzle piece. She distilled everything I was looking into and helped me to focus on what was truly important for my healing. At our first, free consultation, she spent an hour on the phone with me talking through my issues, asking questions, and helping me discern what I could get out of working with her.


After our first in-person consultation, we met for one hour each week on the phone for the remainder of the six weeks. We had our dedicated session each week, but she was also available on a daily basis for anything I might have questions about or need information on. After starting with small changes and seeing larger patterns in my overall health, I am a changed person. My blood sugar levels are more stabilized, I am sleeping in longer stretches throughout the night, my monthly cycle has been less painful and more normal. The mental health piece of my gut health has significantly improved!


When I met Karina, I was fearful and anxious and it had been almost a year since I did anything physical with my body. Last week I did a 30 minute barre class and I couldn’t believe it. I had enough energy and strength to make it through the class. If you are looking for someone who will not only wade through your nutritional deficits and needs, but someone who will also treat your whole body (mind included), I would highly recommend working with Karina."


- Stephanie Ross