6 Simple Steps to Heal Your Gut for Busy Professionals who Suffer from Chronic Digestive Issues:


How to heal your chronic digestive issues and overcome the confusion of what to eat every day, so you will never feel embarrassed and frustrated at a lunch meeting or dinner party again!

Step 1. Tummy Trouble Toolkit:

Get an inside look at what’s really causing your chronic digestive issues.


Step 2. Master Your Microbiome:

What you can do as a busy professional to improve the performance of your digestive system.


Step 3. Mindful Mentor:

How to eat without a checklist or ticking clock, so you can enjoy your meals at the table and beyond.


Step 4. More Than A Gut Feeling:

How to heal the lining of your digestive system to improve nutrient absorption and reduce the symptoms of chronic gas, bloating, pain, heartburn or acid reflux .


Step 5. Under Pressure:

How to minimize stress in a busy professional’s life, so you’re not slowed down by acid reflux, gas, bloating or diarrhea.


Step 6. Belly Up Balance:

Learn how to heal your chronic digestive issues by mastering your mindset and honoring yourself through your relationships, career, finances, and spirituality.

30 Minute Heal Your Gut Assessment:

Together we’ll discover what your primary concerns are and how they create challenges in your life. We’ll discuss which program options best fit your needs. The ultimate goal is to match a program to your unique needs that guide you in creating long-term, sustainable habits which support your body and mind. Please note, this is not a coaching session.