• Karina Koltai

Bio-individuality: How Can A Personalized Diet Help You?

As humans, we have the same organs and are essentially composed of 95% of the same material. Then, how can we be so different? The remaining 5% makes us unique…and this small percentage makes all the difference. It makes up our character, our personalities, and even how our bodies respond to food and our environment. Bio-individuality truly explains why each of us is a unique being and how the food that nourishes you, can actually harm someone else’s health.

Bio-individuality is the concept that the nutritional and chemical makeup of each person is unique. Therefore, dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle needs will vary from person to person.

Have you ever noticed how we all respond differently to the same food? One person can eat bananas or coconuts, while they can make another person constipated and inflamed? One person’s food can be another’s poison. Our size, shape, blood type, metabolism, genetics, taste buds, likes, dislikes, all make up our unique relationship with food and health.

Consider the following:

  • What do you notice about your body type that is different from others?

  • Have you reacted to certain foods differently than others?

  • Have you excelled with a certain type of exercise versus another?

Knowing how our own body works can help us so that we can feed it and take care of it the way it will respond best.

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, my goal is to guide and support my clients to take responsibility for their health and well-being by taking the time to get to know themselves better. There is no standard answer or advice when people ask how they can get rid of eczema, how they can lose weight, or how to reduce inflammation. It all depends on their individual needs, their lifestyles and family history. I am here to help clients choose the foods that are right for them.

Karina Koltai is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Coaching Director for The Butterfly Institute, Co-Founder of Nashville Integrative Health, experienced wellness educator and author. Specializing in digestive and vocal health, Karina is committed to helping people find wholeness along their healing journey; utilizing a holistic approach to wellness that includes nutritional, emotional and spiritual modalities as a way to bring about balance in her clients’ lives.


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