Meet Karina

I am a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Co-Founder of Nashville Integrative Health, Co-Author of Intention books, an experienced wellness educator and dynamic speaker.

Specializing in digestive and vocal health, I am committed to helping you get clear about what is most important to you and set intentions along your healing journey; utilizing a holistic approach to wellness that includes nutritional, emotional and spiritual modalities as a way to bring about balance in my clients’ lives.


Wellness Coaching 


  • Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life

  • Vocal Health

    • Acid Reflux, Heart Burn, GERD

    • Inflammation, Allergies & Congestion

    • Performance Anxiety & Nutrition

  • Family & Group Nutrition Counseling

  • Weekly & Monthly Wellness Programs

Colorful Food

Healthy ways to enjoy your life


Keep learning and evolving.  Join us for ideas and community support for your path to wellness.